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Old Delhi

Old Delhi was founded as Shahjahanabad by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1639. It remained the capital of the Mughals until the end of the Mughal dynasty. Many people tend to get confused between Delhi and New Delhi. To be precise, New Delhi is the later development done to Delhi or Old Delhi. The Old Delhi was the place that the Mughal kings ruled for centuries. This part has most of the old monuments, palaces and buildings. New Delhi comes under the same government and started becoming popular much after independence in spite of being a creation of the British Raj. This part is made up of the best restaurants, clubs, cafes, contemporary and modern museums, offices and other extensions. Malls are also an important feature of New Delhi which makes it different from the old markets of Old Delhi.
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Shachi Mall
I lived in Delhi for many years as a student and as a working professional, but I never explored the Purani Dilli side of the city.I went back to Delhi in Feb this year for a few days and decided to take advantage of the weather and time at hand to make a trip to Old Delhi and Chandni chowk.Walking and Food are two of my favorite ways of exploring any new place and that is exactly what I did. We went on a Walking tour which started from the iconic Jama masjid and covered all the hidden nooks and corners of this ancient city.Plus we sampled some truly delicious and rich food, totally Dilli style :) I have covered this walking tour in the video below. If you are in Delhi in the right season( Sept to Feb) and have some time on hand, this is a MUST Do!Also the food part of the walking tour is in another video, you can find that video at the end of this one.Cheers!&t=3s
Kritika Goel
Jimish Parekh
There was so much hindrance sitting on a bunch of pillows at some travel hostel in old delhi with strangers like me who only wish to spend their life seeking new experiences and the beauty they want to cherish in new places. From clicking on book a seat to getting a cab to bus station and getting a window seat on that bus taking me to himachal pradesh was a hurricane of thoughts in my mind which was filled with many confusions, much worry but loads of happiness as I was gonna take it all in when I get off that bus.
• The old Delhi is the best place to add more calories. A perfect food joint for Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians, Old Delhi is the best point for foodies. The hot sizzling non-vegetarian food makes Old Delhi best in entire Delhi. For vegetarians, the list starts from Chole Bhature, all different Parathas, tempting chat and hot spicy samosa etc. You can find your way either from Jama Masjid Metro Station or Chandani Chock metro station.4. Shop, Shop and ShopThe weekend can’t go waste if you have some shopping plans. Delhi is best for shopping especially for girls as there are many spots that sell the trending outfits at a reasonable price. Shopping place in Delhi is mostly crowded but you will surely find your match.