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Old Delhi

Old Delhi was founded as Shahjahanabad by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1639. It remained the capital of the Mughals until the end of the Mughal dynasty. Many people tend to get confused between Delhi and New Delhi. To be precise, New Delhi is the later development done to Delhi or Old Delhi. The Old Delhi was the place that the Mughal kings ruled for centuries. This part has most of the old monuments, palaces and buildings. New Delhi comes under the same government and started becoming popular much after independence in spite of being a creation of the British Raj. This part is made up of the best restaurants, clubs, cafes, contemporary and modern museums, offices and other extensions. Malls are also an important feature of New Delhi which makes it different from the old markets of Old Delhi.
Tarun Pamarthy
Next day we got down at Delhi and realised we had very little money left. We thought to go to some cafe and sit there until our train time but all the cafes were closed in delhi by that time ,due to covid19. So we took a room with the money left and ordered some food over swiggy. We couldn't take the risk of eating street food either in that situation. Finally we got onto our train & came back to Hyderabad all safe and sound. The surprising fact was that the virus was spreading so fast, at the beginning of our trip there 38 cases in India but by the time we were done with our trip and leaving ,there were around 150 cases! As soon as I returned home, there was janatha curfew followed by the lockdown and everything came to a stand still. I am really glad I made that trip in time!
Rajat Kumar
Old Delhi was established as Shahjahanabad. Today, the city still lives its old-world charm and vibes of a bygone era. Away from the hustle-bustle of the metro city, Old Delhi shimmers with it's ancient alleyways, havelis, food joints and narrow streets.
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Shachi Mall
I lived in Delhi for many years as a student and as a working professional, but I never explored the Purani Dilli side of the city.I went back to Delhi in Feb this year for a few days and decided to take advantage of the weather and time at hand to make a trip to Old Delhi and Chandni chowk.Walking and Food are two of my favorite ways of exploring any new place and that is exactly what I did. We went on a Walking tour which started from the iconic Jama masjid and covered all the hidden nooks and corners of this ancient city.Plus we sampled some truly delicious and rich food, totally Dilli style :) I have covered this walking tour in the video below. If you are in Delhi in the right season( Sept to Feb) and have some time on hand, this is a MUST Do!Also the food part of the walking tour is in another video, you can find that video at the end of this one.Cheers!&t=3s