The Mall Road 1/3 by Tripoto
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City walk, Shopping

The Mall Road

The Mall Road is famous area in Mussoorie, famous for city walk and shopping.
Smiti Maini
Personally I would prefer the Shimla or Nainital Mall Road any day over this crowded road. I guess I'm being harsh but really can't help it. My idea of a perfect hill station is a peaceful solitary getaway from your normal life and Mussoorie is the exact opposite of that. Its all so cluttered and full of shops and tourists. There is an awesome omlet shop on the main road. Ask anyone there and they would direct u to it. There are some stretches which are relatively less crowded and offer magnificent views of the Doon valley. And no matter how crowded it is, its hard to complain when you're walking in clouds. That's the best part i guess. The weather in Mussoorie is almost always perfect and a walk down this winding road always lights you up. And it gets even better when it snows.