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GoJump Oceanside Inc.

Ajita Mahajan
There is a funny story behind how I landed up here. I was in the US in Nov'16 on an official trip when I took some personal time off as well. I went to see my sister who was in Irvine, California at that time.Two days before the activity, I was casually talking to a friend who said that she might be going for sky-diving. My adventurous self said to me, I should do that too. This is the normal me - always excited about trying but step back in the end either because I am too scared or I am too lazy.In a moment of excitement, I told my sister about my unplanned plans to go for sky-diving. She got even more excited than me and started looking for options. I, on the other hand, had changed my mind by now. When I told her this, she persuaded me and bought tickets - so there was no going back since I had the tickets now.The next day, I took a train from Irvine to Oceanside, then a bus to the nearest bus stop from GoJump Oceanside, and finally walked to the location. All this time, I was scared, worried, shy, excited, nervous, so many emotions at the same time.But here I was, and there was just one option for me now, to go jump!!