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Annamalai Temple

According to mythological tales, once there was a fight between Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva as to who deserved the higher position and they came for a judgement to Lord Shiva. Since Lord Shiva is known to be the God of all Gods, he found the best solution to this problem. He formed a beam of light from his Third Eye and told the both of them to find an end each. After this Lord Vishnu too the form of a boar pr varaha and went to find the lower end and Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and flew away to look for the upper end. During this unending journey, both of the gods realized that there was no end to it just like both of them are equally important. They came back and worshipped Lord Shiva for making them realize this. Lord Shiva is thus worshipped here in the form of Arunachaleshwar. Adi Annamalai is a neighbouring town of the city of Annamalai and is mainly known for the Adi Annamalaiyar Temple which is the oldest of all the Arunachaleshwar Temples. This too is a part of the Annamalai Hills and people come to worship here in large numbers.