Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary 1/undefined by Tripoto
10.30 am to 12.30pm and 4pm to 5.30pm
10.30am to 5.30pm
Safari, Bicycling
Rs. 400 by auto, Rs. 800 by car
All year
Families, Nature enthusiasts, Adventurers
9 out of 15 attractions in Orachha

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary

A natural paradise for animal lovers, Orchha wildlife sanctuary gives you a rich wildlife experience. For its solitude and natural forest ambience, this wildlife sanctuary tops the wishlist of the visitors. What can be more appealing than getting an opportunity to spot various bird species such as peacocks, black swan, jungle bush quail, minivet, stork, kingfisher, woodpecker, and collared scops owls among others. The sanctuary also offers adventure sports options such as fishing, camping, jungle trekking, hiking etc.
After the sunrise, we decided to have a walk around the Wildlife Sanctuary. Little did we know that the walk will soon become a trek. The cost of visiting the sanctuary is 50 INR per person. There was no wildlife but we targeted to reach the Sangam point which connected the Betwa river with Yamuna. By 8:15am, we reached the point.