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Chaturbhuj Temple

Lying to the south of Ram Raja temple is Chaturbhuj temple where it is believed that the idol of Lord Ram was supposed to be enshrined. The temples towering Shikaras seems to reach out to the sky and the locals claim that the towering Shikharas of the temple were once covered with fine gold, which vanished over a period of time. Built on a huge platform, one needs to climb several steps to reach out to the temple. The exterior of the temple is intricately decorated with lotus emblems and other religious symbols.
Ankit Bhardwaj
Chaturbhuj Temple is located to the south of Khajuraho, and is commonly known as Jatarika Temple after the name of the village where it is situated. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, who is also known as Chaturbhuj or “one with four arms”. It is believed to be built by the king of Orchha, Raja Madhukar Shah, between 1558 and 1573.Exploring this magnificent edifice is a journey in itself. Even a distant glance of the Chaturbhuj Temple would astonish you with its grandeur, and up close, its fenced boundary walls radiate a mysterious charm. Climbing up the stairs to enter this seven-storeyed temple would not be so comfortable though, but is worth it. The walls of the temple are masterfully carved with various sculptures of deities. Beautiful arched balconies, airy courtyards and the pointed shikharas of the temple deserve appreciation.This gigantic temple has a rustic appeal and rests on a chabutara (raised platform). You can also get a glimpse of European cathedral style of architecture in the Chaturbhuj Temple. There is a distinguished, 2.7 metres tall idol of Lord Vishnu, which is a crucial aspect of this temple. Besides this, there is an entrance porch, sanctum and mandap. The main deity room of the temple is open for all, except for some particular hours of the day.You can also hire a local guide to help you explore the interiors of the Chaturbhuj Temple. Quick tip: Keep a torch handy and do not miss the mesmerizing view of the Orchha city from the roof of this temple!
Mansi Patil
CHATURBHUJ TEMPLEWe did not actually enter the Ram Raja temple but went straight to the Chaturbhuj temple which was right next to it. It was immediately obvious that this temple was built for a special purpose (to house the statue of Lord Rama). Built on a massive stone pedestal and towering 105 m high from ground, this majestic temple was visible from most places in the town. The best spot to see this temple was the top of Raja Mahal which we had already been to earlier in the day. We climbed some steep stairs and reached the main hall of the temple but it was quite bare from inside.
Disha Kapkoti
The Chaturbhuj temple is a maze like structure with winding stairs leading you to the terrace that offers a bird eye view of the entire town. All the forts and temples around this small town are visible from this vantage point and amidst the shadows of the temple towers we spent hours watching the entire city going about the day at it's own pace.
Disha Kapkoti
Later on this this day, Chaturbhuj Temple was the next stop. This temple at the heart of the town is surrounded by small yet exceptional local shops and eateries that call for a much needed food tour around Orchha before you visit the temple.
Sagnik Basu
Built upon a colossal stone foundation and approached by an abrupt flight of steps, the temple was particularly built to preserve the image of Ram which, however, remained in the Ram Raja Temple. Lotus symbols of pious prominence deliver the subtle outside decoration.