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Early morning
8am to 5pm
Heritage tours, sound and light show
Rs. 15
September - May
Couples, Families, Friends
1 out of 15 attractions in Orchha

Orchha Fort Complex

Orchha Fort Complex is the main attraction of Orchha. A complex of palaces, temples and various edifices, Orchha Fort is a part of the defining skyline of the town. There are three main palaces within the complex: Raja Mahal, situated on the right of the quadrangle; Jahangir Mahal, built elaborately in commemoration of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and Sheesh Mahal, a royal hotel that still houses guests. The Orchha Fort is the center of the Orchha heritage and the narrator of the glorious past. An interesting thing about this place is that, Lord Rama is not considered as God like in the other parts of the country. They worship him as a great king. Apart from the three main palaces, two other palaces are there in the fort complex - Rai Praveen Palace and Teen Daasi Palace. Rai Praveen Palace is in dedication to a poetess and artist while the Teen Daasi palace is believed to be the entertainment palace for the Queen and her handmaidens.
RD Prajapati
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RD Prajapati
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