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Round the year but October to March seem to be preferred and advised by the locals.
7: 00 am to 6:00 pm all week long.
Feel what it is like to lose one's land and have to live in a cave.
The body that maintains these caves would need to be contacted to know more about this.
All year
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Pandav Caves

When in the state of Madhya Pradesh, one should not miss the famous Pandav Caves that are located atop a small hill. Legend has it that the Pandavas from the Mahabharata lived in these caves when they were exiled from Indraprastha. There are 6 caves in total, five named after the Pandava brothers – Nakul, Sahdev, Bheem, Arjun and Yudhisthir and the other is called Draupadi. These caves are over 1000 years old and are now protected by the government. The Draupadi cave is by far the cleanest and most airy while the one named after Bheem is the darkest. During the 1st century AD, Buddhist Monks sought shelter here as well.
madhu sharma
beautiful view, ancient cave paintings in the caves
Harleen Kalsi
Just at the distance of 5km, the Pandava caves can be located. This is when the picturesque heritage kicks in. Legend has it that these famous caves of Pachmarhi were built by the Pandavas, during their exile and were home to them. The place has been marinated with history and spiritual sentiments, which attracts hordes of people every year. The caves are rugged in structure whose beauty has been enhanced by a visionary garden.