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Round the year but October to March seem to be preferred and advised by the locals.
7: 00 am to 6:00 pm all week long.
Feel what it is like to lose one's land and have to live in a cave.
The body that maintains these caves would need to be contacted to know more about this.
All year
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Pandav Caves

When in the state of Madhya Pradesh, one should not miss the famous Pandav Caves that are located atop a small hill. Legend has it that the Pandavas from the Mahabharata lived in these caves when they were exiled from Indraprastha. There are 6 caves in total, five named after the Pandava brothers – Nakul, Sahdev, Bheem, Arjun and Yudhisthir and the other is called Draupadi. These caves are over 1000 years old and are now protected by the government. The Draupadi cave is by far the cleanest and most airy while the one named after Bheem is the darkest. During the 1st century AD, Buddhist Monks sought shelter here as well.
Ishita Das
4. PANDAV CAVESThese caves are believed to provide shelter to the Pandavas during their exile period. The 5 caves also became shelter to some Buddhists monks long back at AD 1st century.
Himani Rawat
The Day two we planed to visit the other part of the Khajuraho. First we went to have breakfast and than we planned to visit Pandav Fall and Raneh Fall. There is Panna National Park too but we didn't had much time to visit that place . We kept Pandav Fall and Raneh Fall under our list for the day. So Pandav falls is around 31 kms from Khajuraho. So we planned to visit that place first and kept Raneh Fall second. Pandav Falls comes under Panna National park its in middle of the forest. Beautiful and amazing view. We found birds, parrots and butterflies there, the view was scenic. As it was November month the water flow was less but in rainy season view must be beautiful. Our auto guy took us from middle of the village and there were beautiful huts build with colorful paints it was an amazing experience.