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Table Land

This is a flat laterite rock structure which is also rated as the second longest mountain plateau in Asia. This is probably the major most attraction in Panchghani. From this vast stretch of land you get specatcular views of the surroundings and also get telescope facilities out here. There are a number of horse takers and tonga drivers who can take you on rides. The rates are a bit high so you have to do a lot of bargaining. There are also a few cave temples around and this place is also popular as a walking path as well as a picnic spot.
Yuvan Kumar
The next place "Table Land" here we come.The Table land is a vast stretch of land. The land is so big that you may take horse or doli which gives you a feel of looking the valleys from the land.
Asia's largest flat plateau and has five points Table Land, Shooting Point, Pandavas Footprints, Devil's Kitchen, and One Tree Point. “Shooting Point” has a history of many Bollywood films shot at this place, including Raja Hindustani, Mela, Taare Jameen Par, and Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam. Pandavas Footprints is known to have footprints of Pandavas when they were banished. I learned from web that they have paragliding and parasailing options at the place, but to our distress, some local people informed us that these activities have been banned in the area for Indians and only foreigners were allowed in some private camps.
Jasleen Kaur
At this highest point (4378 ft above sea level): Go for a horse ride, admire the aerial view of valleys below or visit the Pandvgadh Caves (claimed to be the hiding location for the Pandavas) and the Devil's Kitchen located to the south
This place is simply beautiful. The serenity here makes you forget all the buzz in your life. Peace surrounds your heart. If you have friends to accompany you, that is just a cherry on the cake.