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Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges

Known as the Church of Our Lady of Angels, here we see some brilliant masonry and architectural styles. When the church was built, to give it the colour of absolute white marble, fine limestone was mixed with lot of egg whites to make the walls very white. The upper part of the church was made in the Ionic style and the lower part was made in the Doric Style which are both classical styles of architecture. The design of the church was inspired from another chapel of France. The painting that you see on the wall of this church was gifted by Napolean Bonaparte. In front of this church is the statue of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus in her Arms. The church is in a place from where you can see the beach as well as the bay of Bengal. There are also statues of the Joan of Arc and other saints and personalities.
Bipasha Nath
If you have not gotten the opportunity to see a church from the inside, then the French town offers many outlets to do so. Located within 1 km of each other, the two churches can be reached on foot, or even by cycle. Hiring one will allow you to move easily around the whole French town, as well. You can simply switch on your GPS and visit nearby places on bike without facing any hurdles!Time required: maximum 1 hour
Dominic Liang
A Church with French Architecture.
Ankit Ghosh
Modeled on the Lourdes Basilica in France; Built by mixing fine limestone and egg white, resembling the texture of white marble.
Gayatri Manu
Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges or Church of Our Lady of Angels is located along Rue Dumas. The church stands in it’s unassuming pink. You’ll groan, as you are lead along by your religious grandmother, “Not another church.” But you will also be pleasantly surprised by the intricacy of the paintings displayed inside. It’s tangerine pillars and soft blue interiors will remind you that you are in a church modelled after a church in France but with it’s own South Indian touches.