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Le Dupleix

This is a Dupleix Hotel and an awesome place in the White Town Area of Pondicherry. This is an old house which is now turned into an iconic hotel. The all white French style villa is now a popular restaurant cum hotel. They are situated very close to the Bay of Bengal Shores, the leafy park and also the main market of the region. They serve great French food which is delicious and authentic. You will find a huge crowd of foreigners over here all the time mainly because they find the authentic taste only over here. The ambience and service of this place also very good.
Amit Kumar
Le Dupliex restaurant in Pondicherry is elegant and royal. You will find French and Italian dishes with various drinks options. This place is suitable for a peaceful and romantic dinner or quality time with family. It's a little bit expensive as compared to other restaurants and Indian food items are limited.
Was a little disappointed with the food. Though the decor is lit. But don't go by reviews. Try it out and you might like it. A bit expensive than others.