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Temple Adventures

The Temple Adventures is situated at 16 Ramaraja Street, Opposite to Pondicherry Railway Station. They give proper training and certificates in all PADI scuba diving courses, for example, Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Nitrox and Divemaster, in addition to this they also guide qualified jumpers through astonishing portion of jump destinations in the area. One can also get photos of jumping in the amazing water as a unique and lifetime memory. They now offer a range of DAN scuba gear, protection, instruction and preparing projects, for both novices and experienced jumpers. If you are interested in more than simply snorkeling then it is recommended that you take an AIDA Free Diving course. Apnea is the craft of holding your breath while submerged, and this is at present the only Apnea School in India and can qualify understudies to 1, 2 and 3 star AIDA level. If you love for diving then you must visit this place.
If you've had enough of the lazy life, Puducherry has a few surprises hidden away. With Temple Adventures, founded by Rob, a Tamil-speaking Australian, you can learn to scuba dive even if you've never swum a single lap in your life. The Start Diving Course, a weekend program that lets you test the water. The course can be taken in a single day or over two half-days. The latter is recommended, not because you're lazy, but because diving comes with its share of exhaustion and not to mention addiction.