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Prague Astronomical Clock

Shanay Shah
It was 9:45pm and we were near the Astronomical Clock. We observed a big gathering of people at the Astronomical Clock. As we got closer to 10:00, the crowd doubled. We had no clue what was happening. Our guess was that once the clock strikes 10, we shall see something wonderful coming out of the clock tower. People started gearing up with cameras and phones. We could not wait longer as curiosity started killing us.This clock is the world's oldest functioning astronomical clock. We wondered what the architects and watch makers in 1410 BC would have designed.Clock strikes 10!We see 2 tiny windows open and various figurines appear. To tell you the truth this was bloody disappointing. We found out from someone that this is one of the World's top most disappointing tourist attraction after Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.Have a look at the video: