Art Hole Hostel

Parampara Patil Hashmi
Pick upFinally, it was our hike day. We got ready as per the given time and met our guide, Vojta who had come to pick us up in a van outside Arthole Hostel, Prague. We settled our luggage in and took our seats. Since we had started our journey at 8:15AM, Vojta gave each one of us a breakfast packet with fruits, biscuits and chocolates to munch on.We picked up a couple of other guests on the tour and started driving towards Tisá.We chatted a little, marveled at the beauty outside the window, binged on our breakfast packets along the drive (and also napped a bit). While it rained outside, we hoped like little kids that the rain would go away, so that we could play (hike).We had a quick stop for coffee, and we were happy to see that the rains had vanished while we sipped on some coffee and were all set to explore.Within the next 20 minutes we were at the starting point of our hike in Tisá. On our way, we figured that there was absolutely no snow to be seen. Now that was supposed to be the real scenery of our hike. What next?