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Bistro Sisters סנדוויצים פתוחים

Gypsy Couple
Make your way to the Bistro Sisters for an early morning caffeine kick start and a spot of breakfast. We've heard that their " chlebicky " (traditional open-faced sandwiches) especially the option with red beet puree with goat cheese, radishes and cream cheese is a local favorite. The stylish, chic but extremely friendly café can be just the thing to have you prepped up to start the day. 10.30 A.MPrague offers some of the best walking tours we've been on. There are numerous options to choose from based on your time constraints, but we would recommend one which takes you to the Prague Castle, The St. Vitus Cathedral, Kafka's birth house, the old-new synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. However if you're in the mood to go exploring yourself, we have some interesting ideas for you as well. Take a tram from Korunovacní to Ujezd where the funicular railway will take you up to the top of Petřín Hill, which is the summit of one of the most popular parks in Prague, Petřínské Sady. The Petřín Tower which literally towers over the park offers some of the best views of the city given its high vantage point. After your morning fix of shareworthy photos and selfies, you can head towards the Bludišté, a beautiful labyrinthine hall of mirrors. The Prague Castle, a UNESCO Heritage site, is just a short distance away and a must see. Of course you can cover all the above mentioned places on your own, but it simply isn't the same without someone to guide you around. 12 P.M