Cash Only Bar 1/undefined by Tripoto

Cash Only Bar

Devika Maheshwari
Cash Only- As the name suggests you have to pay by cash. But that’s not all, they give you cash in return. Founded by the creators of the Hemingway Bar, Cash only gives you dollar bills with each drink. However, these bills aren’t for commercial purposes, which I learned after I saw one them floating in my drink. They are meant to devour, gobble and enjoy. But it’s not only the dollar bills that attracts people, it’s also the personalized service. For instance, instead of us going to the bar a bartender came to us and had a good 5-minute talk with each of us to understand what we liked or not so that our drink came out perfect. However, as compared to Hemingway, its sister bar, there were major differences. While Hemingway was classy and superior, with its own rules, Cash Only was a little simpler and a tad funkier with its only no-reservation rule and its trendy alcohol presentation. Hemingway would be where one would go to start the night and Cash Only would be where one would go to end the night. Hemingway would seem more like a date spot whereas Cash Only would become a spot for close group gatherings. All in all, both different but both great.