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Hostel Orange

Devansh Dhar
I stopped for one night in Prague (I still regret the decision of not stopping for more) and since it was an impromptu plan, it became an increasingly difficult task for me to find a hostel on a rainy day in Prague. Luckily a girl at the reception of a full hostel suggested me to go ahead and try my good luck at Hostel Orange and to my utmost pleasure I did find a vacant bed in the dormitory for a very reasonable price of 15 Euros (including breakfast)!This property is located just a couple of minutes from Wenceslas Square, which is the place to experience all the hustle-bustle in the city. Some rooms (the more expensive ones) even have a veranda which opens up to the views of Wenceslas Square! The entrance to this hostel is conspicuously hidden from view and is routed through the entrance of Restaurant U Balouna.