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U Fleků

Sagarika Mohanty
We had an interesting meal at this rather noisy old school tavern called Pivovar U Fleků. Pivo is beer in Czech and Pivovar is an inn which serves beer. U Fleků is a historic joint with 8 different dining halls and serves traditional Czech dishes and local beer. It is not difficult to be seated here. Tables can be shared, musicians come and sing folk songs in each of the halls, the servers walk around with trays of beer and expect you to have at least one glass. U Fleků radiates an inexhaustible sense of joie de vivreI tried the U Fleků house special dark lager and totally loved it. For mains we had, Roast pork knuckle with vegetable garnish and Goulash "U Fleků" with bread dumplings. As you can see we were addicted to Goulash and rightfully so. In that freezing cold weather, only a hot comforting bowl of goulash had the ability to soothe our chattering teeth and rickety bones.