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Lohgarh Fort

Lohagad is one of the numerous hill forts of Maharashtra state in India. Situated near to the hill station Lonavala and 52 km northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level.
Everyone's first travel or trek is very special, so here I'm presenting My first trek, My first travel story. I started my first travelling journey back when I was in third year and my first destination was "Lohagad Fort". After coming to Pune, I was very excited that I'll be exploring new places & new forts. However, had some challenges in front of me, that were money, college, time and many more. Though, I was very determined and was waiting for a Miracle to happen which would take me to a whole New World. "Aur kya kehte hai na, kisi cheez ko dil se mango, toh wo ek din mil hi jati hai" and here I got to know that an outdoor photography session was being organised by my college and guess what it was at Lohagad Fort.That was like a miracle for me. l was thinking & waiting for this miracle to happen, l was very excited that finally I'll be able to go to My life’s first trek, My first journey. But at that I was living in Moshi (Pune) and my college was located in Akurdi (Pune), which happen to be 11-12 km away from my place and to my bad luck, during that time one accident happened. No no, not the car accident but the breaking news type. Wait I'll explain, our honorable PM Mr. Modi announced "Note Bandi (De-monetization)" and every ATM in the town was empty. During that time, one thought came to my mind that was, How can my first journey be completed so easily? There has to be some bollywood type twist and turns and that's when I found out my wallet was also empty.So as expressed the question was how to go to college without money and attend the session?. At that time l was very confused about what to do? Scrapping all the thoughts that were running in my mind, I just took my bag and started walking towards college. I had no clue when and how will I travel or how will I reach, but I started walking towards my journey. I started walking,  initially I completed 1km, then 5km and then done with 10 km. Finally I reached, & entered my college. And yet destiny played it's card, I heard that the photography session was not going to be held at Lohagad anymore and the destination was changed to "Shankarwdi Mahadev Caves". Hearing this I was very Upset.I thought, "Yar itna dur chalke aaya, na khuch socha na khuch jana. Hume lohgad jane ke liye milraha hai bas isliye. Aur yaha aakhe dekha to pura plan hi change, kya karu kya nhi kuch samaj nhi aa raha tha." At such time there was only one helping hand in front of me that would help me think straight and that was "Chai" (Tea). I sat down and drank some tea, thinking "chalo lohgad nhi to yahi dekh leta hu". Making up my mind, I went to see caves and I thought "what if this is all God's will and he want to me go there?" All this things hit me very hard and I can never forget that. That day that moment I decided that I will explore each and every fort.From, my first journey till now i have never stopped and have been traveling since then. I also don't know when and where I will stop... At this time I can think of a shayari and I want to share that with you guys, "Hum to Musafir hai ek rahke, hame janat lejayegi ya kisi mukam pe"
Vaibhav Maske
Snehal Gherade
खूप दिवसांपासून मला स्वानंदीला किल्ला दाखवायला न्यायचं होतं. तिला देखील महाराष्ट्रातील गड ,किल्ले,वास्तू आणि महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास याची ओळख व्हावी हीच अपेक्षा. या निमित्ताने कोणता किल्ला निवडावा म्हणजे तिला आवडेल आणि आपल्याला पण किल्ला चढताना त्रास होणार नाही या सारख्या अनेक प्रश्नांनी मला आणि आदिनाथला वेड लावलं होतं. पण म्हणतात ना "इच्छा तेथे मार्ग"!! आणि हो या सगळ्या प्रश्नातून मार्ग काढत आम्ही पुण्यापासून जवळलंच असलेल्या "लोहगडची" निवड केली. (सिंहगड आणि शनिरवारवाड्यापेक्षा वेगळा किल्ला म्हणून हा निवडला )
Enchanted by the beautiful views as you reach the foot of the fort ? The fort offers another dimension to the luscious scenery for tourists.I must say trekkers must come to this fort for an amazing experience which not only tests your endurance and strength but also the desire to witness the spectacular view.Lohgad fort is a strong fort with well maintained staircase .The climb and difficulty level is fairly easy for young people .For kids and people above 40 I would not recommend this trek.