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Mahadji Shinde Chhatri

Shinde Chhatri is a memorial located in Wanwadi, Pune. It is dedicated to a Maratha leader, Mahadji Shinde. It was established in the year 1794. There is an ancient Shiva Temple beside the memorial. It is under the maintenance of Shinde Devasthan Trust. Shinde Chhatri reflects Anglo-Rajasthani style of architecture. The ancient carvings and exquisite structure of the memorial make it a popular tourist destination in Pune. Statues of revered saints are established at the roof of the memorial. The memorial is in the process of restoration right now. It is a good spot for tourists who enjoy exploring history as well as photographers to practice their skills. Shinde Chhatri is easy to reach via road. Calicut International Airport is at a distance of 65 km from the memorial. Kozhikode Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the Mahadji Shinde Chhatri Memorial.
Sakshi Chaudhary
An architectural wonder!!!
Vivek Khade
Located in Wanwadi, a well known place in Pune, India, is a memorial dedicated to the 18th century military leader Mahadji Shinde who served as the commander-in-chief of the Maratha army under the Peshwas from 1760 to 1780. It is one of the most significant landmarks in the city and is reminiscent of the Maratha rule. It is a hall that marks the spot of Mahadji Shinde's cremation on 12 February 1794.Tickets price-10