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This monument was built by the last Peshwa ruler of Maharshtra Bajirao II as his residence. This place was more of a garden bungalow and is said to have been named after the gardener named Vishram. The most attractive features of this monument are the beautifully wood carved balconies and the lovely entrance of it. This is a three storey building which has lost much of its charm but the veteran historian Babasaheb Purandare has undertaken the task of restoring this monument to its former glory very soon.
Sagnik Basu
One of the gardener of the Peshwas, whose name was Vishram, got the wada named Vishrambaugwada. The construction of vishrambaug wada is in the Peshwai architechture style. It has influence of Rajput architecture. You can find the magnificent three storeyed edifice with great dark processed saag columns and cream wall. The overall look from the suru columns to the intricate ceilings, took me back to more glorious times. Intricately carved ornamental teardrop teak pillars shaped like suru trees.In the entrance side you get the teak gallery. Here you can find the large dancing hall called Mastani Hall. In this wada you can find large number of artifacts, paintings and other items belonging to the the Peshwai.In the Vishrambaug wada, there are many offices of Pune Municipal Corporation. In this wada one small museum is created where you can visit, for which entry fee is Rs.5/- per person.