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Bullet Baba

This is a very interesting story of a young man who was named as Om Singh and was referred to as Om Banna. He got married at a very young age and bought a bike but met with an accident soon and at that night the spirit of Om Banna was trying to get a lift from a truck. After that day when the police took his bike to the police station the bike vanished overnight and it was again found on the accident spot and this incident happened repeatedly. People understood that there is some unnatural force there. After a few days, Om Banna appeared in the dreams of his grandmother and asked for two yards of land for a temple. In this very unusual temple you will find a tree decorated with bangles and colorful clothes and there is placed a bullet bike known as Bullet Baba.
Radhika Bose
Real bikers swear by the name of bullet. But can you believe that a 350cc Royal Enfield has a temple dedicated to it? I travel to Jodhpur to tell you everything about this unusual deity. #StyleYourChange