Kachida 1/undefined by Tripoto
November - March
24 hours
Wildlife safaris, photography


Located in the center of the Ranthambhore National Park, this is a beautiful valley which is also known as the Tiger Valley. This place is mainly known for the water bodies and the presence of gorgeous wild animals. The main activity that you can enjoy here is wildlife safaris. This is also a photographers’ retreat given the precious natural views around this area. All in all, this is just another gem making the National Park complete.
Cauvery Nair
As we wondered where the panthers were, the guide turned the jeep on a diversion and we headed for the Kachida valley. Set around the outskirts of the park, these low hills are the humble abode of the Panther population of Ranthambore. And with them keeping a distance from there striped predators, these panthers can be easily spotted around the valley.