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Preferably evening time
Till 7:00 pm
Shop and negotiate as much as you can

Lalji Handicraft

Are you interested in not only exploring but also investing in handicrafts? Then Lalji Handicraft should be a part of the things to do in Jodhpur. The entire shop is laden with antiques and handicrafts that you will love to buy. The shop is located in Rai ka Bagh and is a major recommendation from the locals. It is very important to negotiate here for the right prices. You can also expect to get fabrics, and textiles near the shop at Maharani Art Exports. Combine a visit to the Old City Market as well to indulge in shopping further.
For shelves laden with antiques, a quick stop at LALJI HANDICRAFTS at Rai Ka Bagh, is highly recommended. Bring cash and strong negotiating skills to MAHARANI ART EXPORTS at Katla Bazar. It is an absolute must for its variety of fabrics and textiles like bandhej, leheriya and silks in every hue imaginable. Visit the Old City Market to see millions of colors unfold before your eyes.