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October- March
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
wildlife safaris
Rs 80 for Indians, Rs 470 for Foreigners, Rs 2650 fpr jeep safari with 6 persons, Rs 400 for video camera
December - February
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Sariska National Park

There is a news of declining number of tigers everyday and the Sariska National Park is trying to stop this tragedy as much as it can. This national park nestled in the lap of the Aravalli Range is mostly known for its contribution to the 'Project Tiger'. In the year 1958, this park was declared as National park as well as a wildlife sanctuary as before this, the whole area was just a place where animals used to live. The most attractive part about this national park is that you het tp see a variety of tigers here. There are other animals as well and the flora includes a number of medicinal herbs and plants other than many other species. Also good to see is the love with which the animals are kept here. There is no trapping them like most conventional zoos. They are all set free and let to roam around like they would have done in a forest but with the safety of not being poached for fun and entertainment. The kankwari Fort is another attraction which forms a part of this National Park.
5. SariskaSariska Tiger Reserve is another great location for wildlife lovers situated in Alwar district, a 3-hour drive (180kms) from Jaipur. Apart from the serene wildlife spotting, it also gives a relaxing view of Aravali Ranges.
Jyotin Prachand
I intentionally choose Tuesday to visit Sariska as there is Hanuman Temple in heart of Sariska and entry of private vehicles are allowed to visit Pandupol Hanuman temple with a small fee of 250 Rs. It is said that place where Hanuman Temple is located is where Lord Hanuman gave darshan to Bheem. So after 45 mins of road travel from Bhangarh we entered Sariska... as soon as we entered Sariska we saw hundreds of peacocks 🦚 on both sides of route till Hanuman temple. Anki and Manu went crazy seeing so many peacocks... in some time we reached Hanuman temple and took darshan. We didn't saw Tiger but many other animals .. deers, wild boar, langurs, bison and ofcourse many many peacocks. We came out of Sariska before sunset and headed towards Jaipur.
#सरिस्का : एक अनोखा पर्यटक केंद्र
and after spending two hours at Bhangarh, we left for Sariska. Sariska (Gate No 2)  is approx 30kms from Bhangarh. Road condition was average.We reached Sariska by 1:30PM. Right now, Safari timings were from 2:00PM-5:30PM.We were ready with crossed fingers for our Safari (Finding a Tiger  in Jungle Safari is like a Dream come true😇). We hired Gypsy for our Safari for Rs.4500/-The music of the Park made my heart to sing loud❤️"
Amit paul
A fine Friday afternoon sitting in a office and doing nothing as usual and thinking about the same boring weekend(Eat,Sleep,Rest) but suddenly some weird colleague gathered and just in few hours a weekend plan workout for Sariska tiger Reserve(alwar) and Bhangarh Fort.Through friend of friends contact, We hired a Erica 6 seater on Kms basis and planned to leave next day Early Morning around 4.00 A. M. from Noida Sector - 29 but thanks to 2 weird colleague that after 2 hours wait for them, Our trip finally started around 6.00 A. M. Soothing music in car, Morning breeze, Trip'sq excitement, everything starts making the trip memorable. Next we stop at gurugram for tea and snacks and after almost 30 min we cross Delhi NCR and from there aravali range started. It clearily feels, we have left our city life behind, At both the sides of Road there were beautifully decorated Dhabas, aravali Hills,and in front never ending road, Just 2 hours away from Noida all of this view is in front of our eyes are like printed this memory into our eyes for lifetime. Around 10.00 A. M. we stopped at a random road side Dhaba for breakfast then we move further. Soon highway convert into kaccha Roads and we are here at Bhangarh Fort around 1.30 pm. Yeah! I know it was quiet a long journey but what can you expect from bunch of weirdo who happens to be your friend. But before entering into Haunted Fort, we visit a temple suggested by locals because of their so much supnatural beliefs. We spent around 2 hour inside the Fort then move for sariska national park, on the way we had our lunch on a local Dhaba. We reached Park Entry gate around 4.30pm. And hire an open jeep (jeep charges are affordable around Rs. 4000/- including driver and guide). My personal suggestion to all-always hire open jeep whenever you are planning to visit Sariska national Park. It was fascinating to see wild life. It was so exciting even now when I am writing this story after few days, I'm having goosebumps. It was one its own kind of experience to see those birds, animals on their original way of living rather than locked in a cage at a zoo. Main attraction of our jungle safari is to see leopard. After spending 1 hour on jeep safari we return by 5.30pm. And start our journey back to the origin. We reached Noida around 12.00 midnight, on the way, we had dinner in road side Punjabi Dhaba. It was tiring day yet full of adventures and excitement.