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Dhanushkodi Beach

This is one place from where you can reach Sri Lanka just by a ferry. The Ram Setu or the Adam's Bridge is the same we have read about in the Ramayana. This was the same bridge which the Hanumana clan made by laying bricks with the name of Lord Rama on each of them so they could cross the sea to bring back Mother Sita. The beach here is awesome and the waters on the confluence of two water bodies look beautiful. The sea here is so deep that there seems no end to it. The shores are good for relaxing or a picnic. The nearby Shiva Temple is extremely revered and this will also be a part of your jeep ride if you are exploring Dhanushkodi Town.
I spent some time going into the waters and the waves seemed a bit different here. Upon examining for sometime I could see the waves were coming from two different sides and meeting each other in the middle. Not bigger waves but it seemed as if two oceans were meeting and dancing around at the same place and turns out that was true. Dhanushkodi beach is the place where Bay of Bengal merges with Indian Ocean. There is a reference to mythology at this place and is believed to be where Lord Rama and his army built Ram Setu, otherwise known as Adam's Bridge across the sea connecting Rameshwaram Island (Tamil Nadu) and Mannar Island (Sri Lanka), to rescue his wife Sita from the clutches of the demon king Ravana. No, its not possible to see Sri Lanka from Dhanushkodi if that's what you are thinking about. Its about 18 Kms from the Dhanushkodi Beach.