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Buddhist Temple Road

This is the only Thai Temple and monastery in India which was built by a Thai Monarch. It was on the request of the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru that this temple was built. The main aim ws to strenghthen relations between Thailand and India and this place also became a favourite of tourists- Buddhists or not. The temple is just adjacent to the tourist bungalow and has typical, subtle Thai architectural patterns and designs with sloping roofs and pagoda style facades. There is a beautiful idol of Buddha made of Bronze inside. The recent addition is a life size idol of the Lord. The best thing firstly is that you are welcomed inside the temple irrespective of your caste, creed, clan or social status and the second is the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. This is an apt place to meditate and detoxify yourelf.
Sanyam Malhotra
This temple made me realize that temples are not always about stone idols. They should be more about the peace that is the reason for it's very existence. It is right at the end of main market road. Do check out the museum outside the temple that tells the sad story of Tibet. I am sure you shall be broken from inside considering how peaceful and lovely these Tibetans are. I won't describe it further.
Sagnik Basu
In the entire state of Chattisgarh there is one solitary Buddha temple, which is here in Manipat. The most authentic and pious rituals are performed here. This temple has hosted a number of marriages and joyous occasions. This temple has saturated the Buddhism practices along with some of the local tribe’s practices and thus showcases the modernization of the culture.
Vineet Kumar
I stayed on the Polo ground road near the Buddhist Temple road some 15 minutes walk from PB!