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Throughout the year
Check-in: 2 PM & Check-out: 5:30 PM
Starting from ₹2,000

Kufri Holiday Resort

Kufri Holiday Resort is nestled amidst the Kufri hills of Shimla. The resort offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks and offer a tranquil ambiance to the visitors, away from the hustle and bustle of their routine life. Thick forests and adventurous trails are present in close proximity to Kufri Holiday Resort. Depending on your budget, spacious rooms are available at Kufri Holiday Resort Shimla. Basic facilities like free wifi, library and yoga sessions are present at the resort. Along with that, various amenities like Gift Shop, family excursions and over-night sight seeing tours are provided to the guests. Conference hall and banquet room are also available at Kufri holiday home. The resort offers a relaxing time to the visitors and give them a chance to be in calm connection with the nature while its location also make it easier for people to enjoy adventurous activities in Shimla.
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I do not write reviews much, but this is that once in a blue situation.So almost a month back, I had visited Kufri where I had got to witness my first snowfall ever and it was nothing less than surreal, exquisite, magnificent. Word fall short to describe that feeling of witnessing first snowfall. I am sure lot of you would agree with me on that.Coming back to the hotel where I stayed, Kufri Holiday Resort!This property is at hill-top. There is nothing beyond this property. I had booked the room at this property from Airbnb app. The room was fine equipped with heater as per requirement. But the food was not that great.Many people from North Delhi travel to Kufri during its peak season so for all of you, the food was like 2/5.But the place is good to stay if you are there for a day or two. Otherwise, you;d like to drive down to Shimla cafes for good food.
We reached our hotel Kufri Holiday Resort around 10 am, got settled in our rooms and slept off as we had not slept even for a minute throughout our journey. It was 4pm when I woke up and not even in my wildest dream could I imagine what I had witnessed. Something amazing for people who have never seen and there was this amazing snowfall right in front of my eyes (It's in my story, cannot add the link or video; not supported. please check out the first story if anyone wanna see the snowfall which I recorded).It was too cold to stay out there so, I stayed in my room and enjoyed the view from my window.