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Samiti Lake

As you climb towards Gochala Pass you can appreciate the shade of straightforward torquise of Lake Samiti-A frosty lake in the Onglathang valley. The consecrated Samiti Lake situated at an elevation of 4250 m trail is the perfect spot for outdoors and you can lose yourself in the sentimental isolation of this lake as it reflects snow topped mountains. From this small sized lake, the Teesta River takes birth as a stream scarcely a foot wide. The water in the lake plays with ice before getting solidified in winter. The impression of the mountains on the lake triples the excellence. Everything looks so ancient that you very nearly hope to see a Dinosaur pass by. A herd of birds, the cranes swims on the serene ice water of Samiti Lake. These flying creatures are migrators from Russia, China and different parts of India. If you love to trek then this is a place you must visit.