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Edakkal Caves

We finally reached the caves at 3 : 40 ( it was to shut at 4 ). I was happy that we made it! But no! We had to walk another kilometer to get the tickets.This road was worse than the earlier one. We were tired and exhausted and the roads were very steep! We were running on these almost 50 degrees steep roads !!We were happy when we got the tickets but later came to know there is another trek of almost 500 steps. We gathered a lot of courage telling each other that we're not coming back so to see this and then call the day.We climbed with a lot of pit stops.
Husein Haveliwala
Manish Kumar
Edakkal Caves : Discovered in 1896 by Superintendent of Police, Malabar, Edakkal caves are remnants of the grandeur and magnificence of our history and cultural heritage. Fascinating drawings adorn the walls of these caves and the area around these has large boulders crushing the large inflated human ego within a minute as they make people look miniscule in comparison to them.
3 edakkal caves, the second best things to do in wayanad, its a 340 steep climb but the view at the top is worth it. It drizilled while we trekked up so we got an awesum view.....
Sonam Nimkar
EDAKKAL CAVES:Edakkal caves located in north Kerala is a walk down the memory lane. In the cave you will find inscriptions of animal figures and cave drawings of wheels, knives, bows and so on. They are natural rock formations formed by a huge split in large rock. You will find the early signs of human habitations in these caves. These caves in Ambukuthi Hills have inscriptions similar to those found in the caves in European Alps and Africa. In the land of the Gods, you might just find the ancient man.
Stay near the caves
Saurabh Shukla
Wayanad is ideal for travelers with a passion for the outdoors. The landscape is majestic, composed of rugged, lofty ridges interspersed with dense forests, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and mountain streams. Numerous outback trails and trekking routes snake through the forests with many spots ideal for adventure sports. Visitors will also find delight in the dazzling profusion of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Wayanad is home to many ancient, indigenous nomadic tribes who still practice their age-old customs and rituals. The forests also contain the fascinating Edakkal Caves, a Neolithic cave dwelling with Petroglyphs, the only known example in South India and a protected UNESCO Heritage Site.
Meghana Jambhe
This cave is more of a climbing. While climbing you will be amazed to see how well the cave is maintained. Once you reach the place you will see the carving on the stones of the cave. Its unique. One thing to see in edakkal caves is final stop point. Here, you can see the view between 2 big rocks. Narrow view of wayanad :) Entry fees is 20 per person and 30 for camera. Parking fee was 30rs.
Benjamin John
Apart from the sanctuaries, the Edakkal caves is something unique, a visit is a semi adventure – you need to climb a steep hillock or take a jeep and further up you will see hand carved markings on the rock which dates back to 5000 years. After a combination of a trek and rock climbing, once you reach atop the Edakkal caves, you can literally see the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu from Kerala. This is mostly meant for youngsters or say people young at heart.
Neha Ahlawat
In the morning, we left for Edakkal Caves. The view point on the top of the caves is a small 1 km climb, but worth it. The only thing that I regret leaving out was the Chembra peak trek, which we could not plan due to time constraints and distance issues. We left Wayanad in the evening to reach Calicut by 6. Without wasting a single second at the bus stop, we left for the beach to enjoy the last few minutes of sunset. It was a refreshing sight after having witnessed the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the second highest mountain peak in the South. Thereafter, we spent the evening near the Arabian Sea. We relished stew and Malabar Parota at the 'Beach Hotel', and left for the railway station to catch the train back to Hyderabad.
The Travelling Assassin
8:30 am. How many times while going on journeys, you come across a fork in the road or a board with directions to a place of which you have little or no idea of, but somehow urges you to visit it?. Edakkal Caves - The natural caves at a remote location in the western ghats with prehistoric carvings on the walls. Remnants of stone age writings of Neolithic man dating at least 6000 BC, aptly indicating the presence of prehistoric settlement in the western ghats.
Dr. Shveata Misra
Pre Historic human habitat with stone carvings by different time logs
Aishwarya Venugopal
What kind of people were our ancestors? What kind of lives did they lead? Often, the paths leading to the answers to these questions are as fascinating as the answers themselves. If you would like to walk a little way along one such wonderful path of discovery, one good place to visit would be the Edakkal caves in the Ambukuthi Hills in North Kerala, considered to be one of the earliest centres of human habitation. Inside the cave you will find ancient stone scripts, pictorial wall inscriptions of human and animal figures with peculiar headdresses, the swastik form, symbols and cave drawings of human figures, wheels, bows, knives, trees and so on. Getting there: Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 97 km from Sultan Bathery Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport about 23 km from Kozhikode