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June - February
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Admission- INR 20, Still Camera- INR 50, Video Camera- INR 100

Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Majorly known as the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, this is a part of the scenic Ananamalai Hills. This park covers the Shola Forest and also spills a bit into Kerala too. This is an important tourist attraction and was declared as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2007. The main animals you can spot here apart from a variety of tigers are leopards, elepahnts, panthers, spotted deer, peacocks, langurs, crocodiles ans the lion tailed macaques.
The Anamalai Tiger Reserve, more famously known as the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, located in the south of India is a unique reserve which has long since protected the endemic species of both plants and animals that reside here.The reserve was officially declared a Tiger Reserve in the year 2007.It lies in the Western Ghats which is a well-known hotspot for biodiversity.This also means that the species found in the tiger reserve are truly endangered and often rare and in need of protection.A visit to national parks in Tamil Nadu will never be complete without visiting the Anamalai Tiger Reserve that has been the constant state's companion since its establishment in the year of 1848.4. Madumalai National Park, Madumalai