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Isha Yoga Center Road

This is a non- spirit, spiritual center started by Sadhguru Jaggi and is a place where you can go and meditate. This place has the aim of providing the world with peace and uniting people from all sections of life no matter what caste or religion they belong to. This is a place where you must visit at least once and you are sure not to regret it. The peace and inner refreshment that you recieve here is uncomparable absolutely.
Trip Jodi
She returns to the Isha Yoga Centre to volunteer and learn new yogic and meditation practices, or simply to feel and absorb the centre’s unique energy. While we can’t deny that a holiday at a gorgeous beachfront resort or hiking through Europe can be wonderfully restorative, Banerji’s wish for long-term travel benefits may resonate with many of us. After all, while it’s lovely to laze on the beach or get a great spa treatment, the calm lasts only until we step back into the grind of our Monday to Friday schedule. How wonderful would it be to be able to keep that same peacefulness we find on a vacation long after we are back in the conference room or cubicle?At the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore, Banerji says, Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering programme, among others, uses ancient yogic technology and knowledge to help you cultivate this exact ability. Meena Iyer, a regular visitor to Vipassana and Sivananda centres, says, “When you go on a vacation like this, you are fully immersed in a different lifestyle, routine, and you’re guided by highly experienced practitioners. So, even if you couldn’t meditate before you arrived, by the end of your holiday, you have been equipped with the tools that will help you develop or deepen your capacity to find stillness of the mind and a greater sense of awareness. If you keep practicing these, you’ll see how it affects every aspect of your life.”The concept of physically removing oneself from ordinary distractions has been a staple in meditative practices for centuries. The yogis in ancient times meditated deep inside forests, and Buddhist monasteries were built on remote mountaintops. “Being surrounded by nature and breaking from the usual narrative of our life help us to tap into our own deeper consciousness,” says Mala Barua, who organises and leads retreats for top executives from Fortune 500 companies across the world.Though these retreats may promote different styles of meditation (and different degrees of creature comfort), all aim to send their participants home with roughly the same thing: a foundation of spiritual practice that they can maintain long after they’ve returned to the hubbub of the outside world. “At the heart of it,” says Mala Barua, “the objective is to get to the point where physical escape is not required anymore—the practice itself becomes the retreat.
Yamini Vijendran
A very important religious destination for those seeking to move up the spiritual ladder. An excellent place for meditation, a serene, calm environment with lush greenery all around. Not to mention the excellent architecture of the ashram.