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6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sadhana Forest

A non- profit organization in the lovely town n which you get Auroville, they are serving the society with a pure heart. They are a roup and organization of social volunteers who mainly look after the well being and living conditions of the people. They are different from the other organizations and do not only preach but start hands on. Santitation is there major concerns and they have thus repaired the toilet facilities and washing sources better for many a households. Also, health is what they preach and thus cleanliness is the meassage they always keep spreading. If you want to join this organization or at least be a small part of it, you can make donations to them in the form of greetings.
Akshansh Singh
After which the next in schedule was two videos; the first one was regarding the Sadhna Forest scheme in which they told us about their four projects which includes India and other places where agriculture is not possible. And the other video was regarding animals; bears to be exact and after that it was food, all vegan and very tasty.
Akshansh Singh
After that he took us on a tour of the entire forest where he showed us the methods and techniques that they use to protect wastage of resources, their kitchen, the place where volunteers stay, their solar panel garden, the mud pool and the kids playing area everything was awesome and made of recycled things.
Akshansh Singh
So after we were done sightseeing of some buildings, we went to Farm Fresh café for our lunch as usual dosa and coke. After that We had a bus to catch for the famous Sadhna Forest. Now people might misunderstand it for national park or a park where you can walk, well if you were thinking like this it is true not exactly but the mixture of both. After reaching there I felt like I reached in a different era with all the things made out of waste material or fallen leave and trees, not a single resource is wasted and that includes human resource too and completely vegan food. So after reaching there they had everything planned for us. First a guy came who greeted us and told a story about how this Sadhna Forest was started by a family of four foreigners, in order to protect the local forest of Auroville by implementing various methods and using all eco-friendly things and after all their hard work the forest was finally brought back to life.
Zhen Paintal
As part of my backpack trail, I visited and stayed at Sadhana Forest (Tamil Nadu) early in June this year. The plan was to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks, but since I’d already over shot my schedule and budget, all I could afford was staying in for 4 days, at least getting a feel for the place, reassurance for the desire to go back for a longer duration.Here I’m passing on the word!
Mayank Raj
UNPLUGGED IN VEGAN FOREST A genuine detour from the day-to-day existence, life on Sadhana Forest in Auroville, Puducherry, is truly fulfilling ! Members of the forest, an international volunteer community, live in eco-huts and rely entirely on solar and windmill for energy needs. Their eco-friendly way of live also includes veganism, alternative, construction, biodegradable toiletries, recycling, food composting, riding bicycles, compost toilets, and purchasing local, organic foods whenever possible. They have been working on restoring indigenous topical pines to the land to help curb erosion, anchor soil and save water. Stay here for free, simply in exchange for some volunteer work on the organic farm or chip in cooking meals or maintaining solar panels.