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Ambrai Restaurant

Ambrai Restaurant is one of the hangouts that visitors and locals usually come to in case of a memorable and romantic dinner night out. The place is located on the Lake Pichola and gives an amazing view of the serene waters as well as a beautiful sunset in case you get a chance to visit during the evening time. Along with breath-taking views, the food is scrumptious as well as in good portions. The menu has been kept interesting keeping in mind the taste of India and Rajasthan. City Palace is another of the attractions visible from here. You will definitely feel close to nature here.
Viren Dadhania
Ambrai Ghat & Gangaur GhatThe riverbank that is named after a traditional ceremony called "Gangaur" practiced by married women accompanied by their husbands carrying vessels on their heads to the river banks. While the Ambrai ghat is exactly on the opposite of the Gangaur ghat. Spending some quality time on these Ghats early in the morning or after the sundown by yourself or with some friends with your feet in the water, looking at the graffitis of Hindu gods and just relax rather than being in your hotel room or hostel common room is a better deal if you ask me.
Priyanka Sanjay
On third day we again went to some of our favorite places like Ambrai Ghat, some lake side cafe and fatehsagar lake. We just calmly sat beside the lake and enjoyed the leisure. We returened back on third day by Mewar express train, train starts at 6 in the evening and reaches 12:30 Am at Sawai Madhopur.Train Tickets cost us around 950 Rs , Tickets for Boats, Palace, Roap way and museums cost us around 1000-1100Rs and some coffee and roasted Corn cost us around 100 Rs. And as I earlier told you that We have our Childhood friend here so we got night stay, breakfast, Lunch, dinner and vehicle for free. If you want to take a full day tour you can hire a auto for around 800 Rs and a taxi about 2500 Rs. it may vary according to the choice of foour wheeler.You can spend your time according to your priorities. There are still so many places to see. Sukhadia Circle, Gulab Bagh and Zoo, Saheliyon Ki baari and if you have some more days to spend in Udaipur then you can go to see Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati, Nathdwara temple, and if you are going to nathdwara dont forget to enjoy the famous mint tea. Please take your Sunglasses, Scarf, Sunscreen and hat to beat the heat and Loose and comfortable clothes because you have to walk too much.Distance from Udaipur to Nathdwara 45 Kms. Haldighati 40 Kms. Kumbhalgarh 85 Kms. ChittorGarh 161 Kms. Maount Abu 171 Kms. #RememberRajasthanFrequent Searches Leading To This Page:-tour of udaipur, udaipur travel blog, how many days in udaipur, udaipur to mount abu, udaipur mount abu 5 day itinerary, weekend trips with family to udaipur,  luxury resorts for 2 days in udaipur, 10 things to do in udaipur in 3 days , memorable trip to udaipur, places to visit for couple in udaipur
I visited ghats like ambrai, lal and gangaur enjoying the view and the architecture. At one of the ghats there was an old man playing a traditional rajasthani instrument and it was magnificent. There were pigeons all around feeding on seeds and grains. I then walked around the narrow roads and crowded streets and went to Bagore-ki-Haveli. It is a gracious, slightly eccentric 18th-century haveli, set right on the waterfront near Gangaur Ghat. It was built by Amir Chand Badwa, the Prime Minister of Mewar as a miniature of the City Palace, and has been carefully restored and converted since then into a museum with artefacts collected over the years. In the evening cultural shows are performed by beautiful and talented ladies of Rajasthan lok kala parishad. This includes various folk dance forms of Rajasthan. So be there if you want to know rajasthan's history and tradition.
Ambrai Ghat
Trishala Pawar
05. P.M : For catching the sunset we drop by at ‘Ambrai Ghat'. We spent leisure time sitting at the ghat, soaking the beauty and city palace view in front of us. You can spend as much time as you want here I am sure you will not get board. This place is crowded in the evening but that create lively atmosphere. People sit here for hours listening to music, reading books, clicking pictures. But most important thing is you will get the night view of city palace all LIT from here which is mesmerizing.