City Palace of Udaipur 1/63 by Tripoto
Any time of the day within open hours
9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Explore museum, check out architecture
Indians: INR 100, Foreigners: INR 400 (including camera), For a royal tour- INR 2500 per person
September - May
Families, Couples
2 out of 87 attractions in Udaipur
City Palace is a name that rings a bell of amazing culture and great architecture. It is one of the must things to do in Jaipur. The palace is located in the centre of the city and is a combination of amazing courtyards, buildings and gardens. Jai Singh was the Maharaja to build the outer most wall of City Palace. However, there has been various restorations and adaptations in the following centuries till date. There are various buildings within the palace, many of which were built in the 20th century. Where architecture is concerned, it is a beautiful mix of Rajasthani and Mughal cultures. The entry gate, Virendra Pol leads to the Mubarak Mahal which has a colonial look and a mix of Islamic, European and Rajput style of architecture. Today, this place is a museum that shows various exhibits starting from royal shawls to costumes. Some other places to explore here are diwan-e-khas, diwan-i-am, the armoury and Chandra Mahal.
Praveen Gupta
2. In the late morning, (Around 10 am) get ready for the city ride and first visit the beautiful City palace. Take a guide to know the historical background ( I can’t tell in two lines here :P) You may choose to take a boat ride from the bank of palace itself, but it will cost more so I would suggest to skip it, as you will get clot of boats, outside the palace at Pichola Lake.
Akshit Aggarwal
The largest palace complex in Rajasthan and home to the Maharaja of Udaipur. It has been turned into a Heritage Museum and one can easily feel the royalty standing in the corridors of these halls. A magnificent view of the Palace can be captured from the lake Pichola as well describing its natural essence and beauty.
Rashmi Tanwar
City Palace was constructed in the year 1559 by Maharana Udai Mirza Singh. The palace is situated on the banks of Pichola Lake. The palace is a blend of European, Medieval and Chinese styles of architecture. City Palace houses 11 magnificent palaces and they were all constructed during various periods and by various rulers. The size of the palace is awe inspiring with the courtyards, terraces, pavilions, hanging gardens and a lot more. Everything about the palace is magnificent be it the architecture, the antiques inside and the exclusive paintings hanging on the walls.
Tushar Chaudhary
This is a typical rajasthani palace except it faces lake pichola. The palace complex has some nice littles shops as well and a very amazing eatery, palki khaana, which serves amazing pizzas. Also, this is the place from where you will need to buy tickets to your boat ride to lake pichola including a stop over at Jagmandir island.
Sakshi Prakash
Visited the beautiful and grand structure. Made us proud of our heritage here
Himani Sheth
To describe the City Palace of Udaipur in one word, I'd simply call it beauty. That's what it is. The mesmerizing beauty of the city palace is what makes it so enchanting, attracting a throng of tourists on a daily basis. Every nook and corner of the palace, be it the wonderful palace gardens and the water fountains or the beautiful palace windows or just the path walk leading to the palace gates, it is all just brimming with beauty. The moment you enter the main gate and start walking along the road to the palace gates, you are enchanted with the beauty of the Pichola Lake and the awe inspiring view of the lake palace and the terrace cafes from the palace. You won't be able to keep yourself from just standing there and admiring the view, just taking it all in. It is like a small town all on its own. With little streets lined with cute little shops selling ethnic clothes, handicraft items or pretty souvenirs. But, what I loved the most about the palace is the view. You can see entire Udaipur from up there. A medley of colors, that view just holds you there, in the moment. The architecture of the place, the Meenakari rooftops, the beautifully carved walls and windows and the décor of each room in general simply spell out royalty with all its grandeur. I spent almost three hours in and around the city palace, exploring. Even the surroundings of the City Palace are all worth visiting. The Tibetan Market, the Pichola Lake Gardens and of course, the astounding Lake Palace.
Each artifact has a story to tell. Brilliant for those with patience, for fast trackers the monotony builds on after a while. The entrance fee without a tour guide was approx. Rs.680 (5 people) with the use of a camera
Karan Parekh
The city's current King, Rana Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar resides with his family here. A huge and magnificent palace with a musemesque like feeling welcome you when enter the huge gates of the palace.
Harini Sridharan
A big, airy palace with beautiful paintings and carvings in each rooms. Takes a total span of 2 to 3 hours to enjoy this beautiful piece of architecture.
Gautam Modi
City Palace is the gem in the peak of the Palaces of Rajasthan. Here you will come to know how Royals the Mewar were. And really you will get a feel for their culture. A majestic architectural marvel tower over the Lake Pichola on a mound surrounded by crenellated walls. The construction of the City palace started in 1559 then the construction was continued by various maharajas over four and a half centuries. In 1969, the palace was opened to the Public as the City Palace museum. Being the largest part of the Udaipur City Palace Complex, stretches 33 meters high, 333 meters long and 90 meters wide. It’s a must visit.
Chhavi Srivastav
Embodiment of Rajasthan's rich rajput past, this sprawling complex houses ancient swords, war armour, traditional paintings, artefacts, manicured gardens, flamboyant chandeliers and magnificent halls. A visit to this grand palace ensures a trip back to the era of the rajput maharajas.
Anubhav Tyagi
The fort is so grand that you can’t just capture its beauty in a picture, you have to be there to understand its grandeur scale and its importance for the Mewar kings. There are various 5 star hotels in the lake’s vicinity and 2 of them, the most famous ones are built on islands in the lake.
Vikas Agarwal
Easily one of the most well-kept palaces that I have visited. A part of the palace is still occupied by the royal family and the other part has been converted to a Museum. The catchy part is if you have enough cash stashed away under your mattress you can hire the lawns of the palace to have a private function or two.