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Moti Magri

Moti Magri is the reflection of the enriched history and culture of not only the Rajput and Mewar clans but also of the battles that a lot of Rajput kings fought. One of them being Maharana Pratap. The first thing that you will see at Moti Magri is the huge statue of this brave king on his horse cheetak. Moti Magri is located on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake. There is a park as well where people can sit, relax and may be spend some quality time in the peaceful nature.
Priya Parashar
We visited Moti Magri which is a complex honouring a bronze statue of Mahrana Pratap. It is situated on a hilltop overlooking Fateh Sagar lake. They have a light and sound show as well in the evening.
gupta ji
After filling myself up with daal baati I headed towards Moti Magri. This is yet another ideal place in Udaipur to catch some awesome sunset views. This place has a museum which shows various paintings from Rajputana era. Museum also showcases models of various forts spread across Rajasthan.
Harsh Sharma
This tourist spot exceeded my expectations completely, the gardens in the compound were awesome and provided much needed relive and energy to me for the riding fatigue that I had. I spent close to 3 hours in the place wondering and taking in the fresh breeze of air.Moti MagriNext and last spot on list for the first day was Moti Magri. This place is built on top of a hill to pay homage to the valorous horse of Maharana Pratap. At the top most point of the place their is a statue of Chetak with Maharana Pratap in saddle.
Harsh Sharma
The best part about the place was the point that I got their at time of twilight time. I saw the day turn into a beautiful evening of Udaipur and with setting sun being reflected in the Fateh Sagar.
Then I headed to Moti-Magri or Pearl Hill. Atop the hill was the memorial of Rajput hero Mahrarana Pratap on his Chetak. The hero who fought fiercely with the Mughal army. One Museum was also there, which has the history of Mewar kingdom (kumbha Mahal, Chittorgarh fort, Haldi ghati battlefield) The guide in the Museum was telling about the war strategies of that fight. Kumbhalgarh Fort, haldi ghati battlefield was few kilometers from there. Then I started realizing I was traversing the Mewar kingdom path, I got more excited. The place has statue of other unsung war heroes who fought alongside with Maharana Pratap. One of them was Jhala Maan who lost his life during the war to save the life of Maharana Pratap. The guide also told about the history of Udaipur, how it became the capital of Mewar when Mughals demolished the Chittorgarh fort. How Maharaja Udai Singh founded the city Udaipur after being moved from Kumbhalgarh fort. "Its only the Mewar Kingdom that Mughals had never been able to capture", guide was telling with proud. A sudden chill rushed through my body after hearing this. When I had left from Noida I had not expected that this trip will become a trip to mewar history. Truly, an unplanned trip taught me some lessons of history.