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Kalu Vinayak

This is a Hindu temple in the roopkund area and is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vinayaka or Lord Ganesha. This is made inside a small cave with small, flat pieces of stones and inside is placed an idol of Lord Ganesha made of black stone. The beautiful place is beautiful though not very popular. It is usually a place visited by trekkers and travellers. There are number of metal bells tied here and this makes the small temple look even prettier.
Salman Faris
Day 7The Kalu Vinayak SummitI woke up around 7. Pathar Nachuni was a bit more crowded than Bedini, as it accommodates to batches at a time. This is a good opportunity to meet new people,in case you're bored of your batch mates.Well, luckily mine was filled with amazing people. We had good amount of time, before we took off to Kalu Vinayak. Kalu Vinayak is a temple situated at an altitude of 14100 feet height. This would be the most challenging part of the trek, and we were advised to be ready with the full trekking gear, including anti-fog glasses. We we tried our luck in photography as the climate was sunny and the surrounding mountains were visible. On one side of the camp is a huge hill, which has the trail we used to travel from Bedini. The camp is located in the valley of that hill. On the other side, there is Kalu Vinayak, which is 4 kms away from our camp. These 4 kms contains continuous steep ascend. After breakfast, we had some horses as visitors.
Raj Doshi
We ascended for 2 more days to reach 14200 feet at Kalu Vinayak temple and Bhagwabasa (our 4th campsite). The experience on this campsite was starkly different. The weather changed in minutes. You could see the wind hum and the clouds wrestle and play.
Shashank Raj
Roopkund Trek | Patar Nachauni (12,818 ft) - Kalu Vinayak - Bhagwabasa (14,117 ft) Summit Camp | Trek the Himalayas | Day 05We got up early. Everyone in the team had finally gotten into the rhythm of things. We started for Bhagwabasa, our Summit Camp around 8:00 am. Within an hour of the trek you will fell a sharp drop in oxygen. Breathlessness and fatigue were the challenges for the day. The solution was hydration and taking baby steps. The ascend was very steep and the trail got narrow at too many points. From here it was more of a mental game than a physical challenge. I learnt something new that day. Camphor helps a lot with breathlessness. I confess I am unaware of the science behind it but you bet it works. Take a handkerchief and put some camphor in it. Rub it a little and keep sniffing it. Instant relief!!!!We reached Kalu Vinayak and as usual our Trek Guide Pushkar Sir had reached there way before us. He looked pretty impressed with our team. He declared that his entire team is going to make it Roopkund Lake, 100% Summit he said. After everybody arrived at Kalu Vinayak, we prayed for safety and success for our team. It was overwhelming for everyone. This was the first time Pushkar Sir told us about a place few hundred meters above Roopkund. They called it the Junargali Top. Despite all our research before the trek, we never came across any place with that name. He assured it was the crown jewel of this trail cause Junargali Top had the best view in town. Standing on the peak of the Mountain you come face to face with Mt. Trishul (23,000 ft) and few other peaks of the range.
Sandeep Bisht
Kalu Vinayak is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the idol kept here is carved out on black stone.