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Jungle Hostel

If you love to be a traveller and not a tourist, this is an awesome place for you. This is a place for the ones who want to tour each corner of Goa at a low budget and especially for the young gangs. They have dormitories for girls and boys separately and you can make a lot of new friends here. They organize regular parties and the food is also decent. From here you can also rent scooters at low costs and explore Goa and also not get tired at all.
Prashant Srivastava
For the past three days, we were in the city, amidst the people, crowded beaches and markets (although very sparse as compared to tourist season), so we decided to explore a different arena of Goa. We shifted form our resort in Candolim to Jungle hostel at Vagator. It was so quite there, that at first we didn't like it much. The hostel had a kitchen, where the residents had to prepare their own breakfast and clean their utensils by themselves. Although the route and surroundings were very pleasant to eyes. We passed through beautiful coloured houses and lush green meadows and farms. Coconut trees swinging with the wind on both sides of the road.
Mounika Mudiraj
WHEN YOU NEVER GO, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW-The lines always reminds me something everytime it flashes in my mind.. Iam a kind of girl always wish to travel, but unfortunately can't.Luckily I got a chance to Goa,a mandatory place for  every young Indian citizen out there(I feel so :D).. TRAVELLING TURNS EVEYONE INTO A STORY TELLER(anonymous):pWe travelled by bus from Hyderabad, There we all people got gathered and started our journey...we stayed In JUNGLE HOSTEL.. (an awesome place)...First day we went to CHAPORA FORT and ended with VAGATOR BEACH...We Humans always wish to have a place with NO judgements,NO boundaries, NO stress, NO negativity but ONLY peace...GOA Is absolutely a place of that kind,where a true spirit comes from with in you!