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Ozran Beach Road

Also known as the Vagator Beach Road, this is along which the bus will take you to get down at the Vagator Beach. More peaceful than the other main beaches, this is also not a very popular one. You will however find a number of options for eating as well shopping here. The massuers here are very good at giving you some relaxation and you certainly need to be aware of some leachourous people who come here to disturb others. There are always policemen here to whom you can confide at anytime. Also, this is a flat beach and perfect for swimming. There is also a beautiful, black statue of Lord Shiva nearby and almost on the shores which makes it clear that there are Hindu influences too out here.
Medha Mathur
Located in North Goa this beach is a part of the famous Vagator Beach and makes the 'Little Vagator' which is much much less visited than the 'Big Vagator'. Make sure you cherish the views from above before going down the beach!
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The next day saw us try out Thalassa, a Greek-themed eatery on the Ozran beach. While the service may have started off on a rocky note, the food made up for the callousness of the staff. The aloofness of staff at the posher eateries became more apparent on this trip than any other: perhaps the result of the highly profitable New Year rush having come to an end, leaving the more discerning tourists and travelers who, I believe, appreciate the real qualities of the places they are in rather than the projected image of that place, cultivated through brochures and tourism websites.