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Nidhivan Temple Road

Located in Vrindavan, Nidhivan is associated with Hindu mythology and mysterious stories. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha come to Nidhivan every evening to perform Rasleela, the divine dance. That's why, the visitors are prohibited from staying inside the garden after the visiting hours. People believe that a person either dies or goes insane if they happen to witness the divine dance. One of the most astonishing facts about Nidhivan Temple is that the land of the forest is dusty and lacks vegetation, but the trees have green leaves. The mystical Nidhivan Temple is heavily packed with spiritual vibes and unshakable faith. Besides that, there is also a well called Gopi Talab present on the premises of Nidhivan Temple. Every evening, the priests leave some food items inside the temple for the Lord. As per countless stories, food is found half-eaten in the morning. Due to such mystical stories and its religious significance, Nidhivan is a popular tourist destination.