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This place is paradise for adventure lovers. This is the highest point in West Bengal and you have to trek for around 12 hours from Maneybhanjan to reach this place. You can also hire a landrover from maneybhanjan. This is also a village and is a part of the Singalila National Park. As you reach on top of this [point, you will be welcomed with some of the most awesome views including the famous route from Bhutan till Mt. Everest. The view of the mighty River Teesta is also very attractive. This river is apt for river rafting due to the high speed in which the water flows. If you can put in physical effort for the love for nature, this is the right place to choose.
Pritha Biswas
Day 3 started at 5:30 am. We went for a morning walk up the hills, where all you can see till the far is hills .. We encountered a beautiful sunrise also. We were provided with only 1 bucket of hot water for being fresh. All we could do is brush and leave. For those days we forgot what bathing was. After that we had a great breakfast - pancakes, aloo paratha, chilla (made of gram flour and white flour), boiled eggs and pyaz tamatar ki sabzi. At around 9 am we set off for Sandakphu. We were ready for the drive that would probably be the most adventurous ride till date. And yes it was. The roads were so steep that a point came when we could not see the part other side.. it felt like reaching the cliff and then jumping off it. In between we stopped at Kali pokhri, it has a sacred lake which has some holy beliefs among the locals. Moving forward, we finally reached our destination - SANDAKPHU. Temperature was 2 degrees Celsius. As we were not lucky enough to see Kanchenjunga there also, all we could see was clouds. The hotel Sunrise in Sandakphu was the only hotel present there. As obvious it was quite crowdy. And no meaures for covid were taken. Infact people were not even wearing masks. The hotel was still under construction. As this place has water scarcity, water is supplied in containers which come from Manaybhanjyang. Because of this, water supply is limited. There was no water supply in the toilet flush, forget about geyser. The food was also not that satisfying. The only good thing was the view from the room. It felt - "I was on the clouds". In the evening we witnessed beginning of snowfall.
1. Sandakphu TrekImagine the magnificent views of some of the highest peaks in the world – the radiant white light of Everest on one side, also the magnificent Kanchenjunga spectacle on the other. Thus the trip to Sandakphu and Phalut describes the beauty, strength, and grandeur of all that one club did. This eight-day Sandakphu Phalut Trek allows you to wake up every morning on natural swamps, surrounded by dense forests and green valleys, between rhododendron mountains and white mountains – each of which will surely take your breath.
Sourav Das
Kalipokhri - Sandakphu ( 6km / 4-5 hours )The trail of the day starts with a gradual ascent which is followed by another steep ascent. The trail gets covered with hard snow which affects your walking speed. You'll eventually reach Sandakphu during your lunch time. Head over to Aahl which is a mere 2km walk up from Sandakphu to enjoy the sunset and don't forget to carry your windproof jacket with you cause the wind speed is very high at top of Aahl. Spent the night at Sandakphu by sipping a peg of old monk .
Sayanee Bhowmik
After adoring the magnificent view from the hill-tops and the Kalpokhri lake, we started our  trek to our long-awaited destination Sandakphu.Initially it started with the gentle walk while traversing through the mountain ranges till Bhikeybhanjang after that the rest of the trail started gaining altitude gradually. Along the way Silver fir , variety of Conifers dominated the tree line. After ascending for a couple of hours we reached the top of the ridge Sandakphu (12,000 ft. approx). The top of the ridge is the highest point on our trail, hence the view of the mountains were uninterrupted. In the evening we walked on the Phalut road  and witnessed slender snowfall with mellow sunlight hence endorsed the most exquisite moment of our trip.
Somya Rakshit
Day 3 - 8 km, 2.5 hours - Ahl VillageYet another 7 km covered with dense fog and clouds which kept following us. We reached Sandakphu, the first spot on the trek that offers a panoramic view of 20 mountain peaks including four of the five highest peaks in the world. I was numb, as none of the peaks were visible. I couldn't gather the courage to stand at the viewpoint. I went inside a shop nearby and asked for a cup of coffee and spent some time there recollecting myself.Our homestay was 1 km ahead of the viewpoint. After spending an ample amount of time at the shop, we left for the homestay. I guess, my guide noted the grief on my face, while we were walking he said, 'Areh koi baat nahi, abhi 2 din or hai humare pass.'(Don't worry, we have two more days)To which I gave a gloomy smile. I walked slow and broke. That 1 km seemed the most difficult walk of my life. I didn't want to look around, I didn't want to think anything yet I was dubious about the idea of God bringing me on the trek with such weather condition. It got windy and dense, soon there was snow on the trail. My facial muscle contracted in pain trying to control those tears and shortly tears started rolling down my eyes, I was crying. I settled before my guide could catch me.