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This place is paradise for adventure lovers. This is the highest point in West Bengal and you have to trek for around 12 hours from Maneybhanjan to reach this place. You can also hire a landrover from maneybhanjan. This is also a village and is a part of the Singalila National Park. As you reach on top of this [point, you will be welcomed with some of the most awesome views including the famous route from Bhutan till Mt. Everest. The view of the mighty River Teesta is also very attractive. This river is apt for river rafting due to the high speed in which the water flows. If you can put in physical effort for the love for nature, this is the right place to choose.
DAY 3 – REACHING SANDAKPHUBraving the chilly winds and biting cold, off we went the next morning. Lying on the border of India-Nepal, the trail led us to our destination for the day, Sandakphu, and the view of the peaks kept getting better and better.The howling wind simply did not allow us to put up our tents and we had to settle for yet another night inside a tea house. After having our tea, we all settled in a dome-shaped shelter nearby to watch the sunset. As we waited, we were entertained by our fellow trekkers, a couple of talented crooners who sang wonderful songs. I sat there, lost in the melody of Prashant’s voice in particular and oh, what a mellifluous voice he has. As the day came to an end, the setting sun painted the entire sky with a brilliant orange hue and it was sheer magic. The feeling of being at such a high altitude, with the clouds right beneath our feet and surrounded by awestruck company, there are simply no words to describe it! I wished the night would never end. The enthralling music coupled with breath taking sunset view. Sheer bliss!
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Let me tell you a story, a story of an extremely long, long-drive, on a road which will suck out romance from the most romantic souls. This story is about our drive from Sandakphu to Phalut and back to Sandakphu again. Yes, that's right back in 9 hours!We had a delayed start with not so favourable weather conditions, but we were decided to try our luck and set foot on the second highest peak of West Bengal. Now, little did we know that the road that lay ahead wont let us sit straight in the car even for 30 seconds. Countless head bumps later we reached a point where I could not any longer see the road in front of us, but guess what the driver did! 
Soham Chakraborty
We reached Sandakphu at around 3 pm. Sandakphu loos like a quaint little village straight out of a fairytale. Located at an altitude of 12,000 ft, it is the highest point of West Bengal. We were all tired and ate some noodles and roti before resting for sometime. It grew dark soon and at night, as usual we were out for astrophotography. Sandakphu was extremely cold at night, the temperatures went down to -5°C and we were all shivering while we were out.
Ankan Debnath
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Finally Day-3 of India-Nepal Trek"Sandahkphu "watch trekking route from tumling to sandahkphu and crossing national sangilla park .watch beautiful Everest family and sleeping buddha from sandahkphu