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Gorumara National Park

Along with the Chapramari and Sansung National Parks, this is another one in the Terai Region of the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. Mainly known for the beautiful green views and the presence of leopards and rhinos, this is one of the most popular wildlife safaris here. you can also take elephant rides as there are no cars to take you on a wildlife safari. This is an out of the world experience and a must vosit.
Rimjhim Mukherjee
Coming to the second mammoth, the Asiatic elephant, is also very easy to sight in this forest. It is delightful to witness a herd of elephants saunter around you. The matriarch keeping a watchful eye, the calf fooling around its mother's legs and the others enjoying themselves, waving their enormous ears and mammoth trunks.
Rimjhim Mukherjee
This is not about the royal tiger or the suave leopard this time. When in Gorumara, brace yourself for a whopping population of herbivores, ranging from the rare one-horned rhinoceros to Asian elephants, Indian bison, wild boar and the docile sambar deer. Once, one of the most poached animals in Indian forests for its horn, the rhino population thrives in this forest. So much so, that Gorumara National Park has been ranked as the best among the protected areas in India by the MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) for the year 2009.
Aritra Sardar
24th May’18 – We started our journey for Lataguri to visit the Gorumara Forest Reserve. We reached our hotel Sonar Bangla at Lataguri at afternoon, had our lunch and headed to book our tickets for the Jeep Safari. As soon as our tickets were booked, we saw our jeep was ready for the safari. Except for some peacocks, we had no luck of seeing any animals in this safari.
Debanjan Ray
1. Witness the miraculous Light Shattering effect in the dense Forest during the Sunrise. Gorumara National Park at it's enchanting best .
The Compulsive Traveller
Gorumara National ParkAfter lunch and a brief rest, we left for Gorumara National Park in the same vehicle we had reached Lataguri. We were accompanied by a guide. We were first given a goody bag with a brochure and two small gifts—local handicraft. Then we were taken inside the forest in a buffalo-drawn carriage!Unfortunately, it was mid-June—nearly the time for Gorumara to shut down. So, only one of the five watchtowers was open. The carriage took us to a certain point, from where we had to walk to the watchtower.From the top, we had a grand view over the national park and the Murti River, which flows across it. Before long, we sighted a peacock. There was a salt pit in the distance. And soon enough, we saw three one-horned rhinos—the brand ambassadors of Gorumara—emerging from the forests beyond and ambling towards the pits. There were two adults and a calf. They gave us a long time to enjoy the sight.