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Sagar Island

Sagar Island otherwise called Sagar or Gangasagar is in South 24 Parganas locale of West Bengal . Sagar Island is the southernmost area of West Bengal and is a religious spot for hindu travelers. Consistently upon the arrival of Makar Sankranti i.e 14 January, a huge number of Hindus assemble to take a blessed plunge at the intersection of waterway Ganges and Bay of Bengal and offer requests to God in the Kapil Muni Temple.The Gangasagar mela and pilgrimage is held yearly on Sagar Island's southern tip, where the Ganges enters the Bay of Bengal. This conversion is additionally called Gangasagar or Gangasagara. One can reach Gangasagar by benefiting Helicopter administrations worked on each Sunday, encouraged by State Government. The Government of West Bengal is planning to unite Sagar Island with the territory with a 3.3 km overbridge costing around Rs. 6,000 million. This place must be visited by all Indians, especially Hindus.
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