"To define yourself is to Limit yourself".. If we knew what we are...then there would be no meaning to life.. i discover myself each day..each moment i learn something new.. i evolve slowly.. absorbing...assimilating.. One thing i do know-there is no place for mediocrity or monotony in my life and for things done half way... a gypsy at heart.... a wanderer's mind... a novice to the wonders of life.. love life to death... a devouring devil... a thirsty traveller.. an inquisitive explorer.. a daring adventurer.. a passionate lover... living.. its so delirius, amok, crazy, intoxicating..cant think of any other passion as enticing.. Believe in: 'spend one day at a time in different ways..' ..To walk within the lines would make my life so boring.. i want to know that i have been to the eXtreMe...
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