Hey !!!!!ME : I am the ideal, modern day, young and active traveller whose lengthy bucket list includes to travel and be across the entire world, every single country and every single city of Earth. From skiing down the highlands of the European Alps to gazing towards the sunsets on white pristine beaches of the Spanish coastline to driving through the picturesque horizons of Patagonia on a one man road trip to venturing out in the wild of Jim Corbett or Kaziranga with nothing but a tent and a camera to tasting wine and cheese on a hospitable Australian resort in the outback. I wanna do it All :P.Exploring new cultures, cuisines, adventures, experiences to cherish and all the madness that goes into travel with or without loved ones is definitely my kind of thing.Whether it's a weekend mountain getaway in the Himalayas or a wallet emptying two week European Extravaganza, I am in for just about any kind of trip, even if it includes trekking 10 kilometres on rough terrains from the crack of dawn only to grab breakfast or making whisker close connections at some of the biggest airports in the continent to get your holiday on the move from the word Go.........In terms of food, will eat perhaps anything anywhere, but a huge huge foodie is who I am. Local street carts to Michelin Star restaurants to local popular joints known for their fusion take on classic delicacies, Filipino spicy mouth watering rich dishes at a stall just on the beach of an active volcano beneath to a soft steak tenderloin at the Saint Tropez along the the French Riviera in an outdoor cafe to steamy hot Pad Thai in Thailand from the central street food centre, this tummy can digest pretty much anything, not to challenge the Big Adam Richman out there.One of my middle names, ADVENTURE Mountain climbing, white water rafting, grappling, off-road biking, river crossing, trekking, safaris, snow sports, water sports and just about anything else that gives me the adrenaline kick I just adore. But also not to challenge Bear Grylls out there too.So yeah, Inshort : To Travel Is LifeAnd that is exactly the life I want A one way extraordinary journey of the World.
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