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Aditi Kumar

My idea of travel is going to places where there are no phone networks or internet connectivity. Fancy hotels bore me. Tanning does not bother me. Sound of the gushing water, sound of the wind, rustling leaves, sand on my feet, wind through my hair, sunsets, moonlit nights, stars in the skies are things that make me happy from within and keeps me passionate to get through the drudgery of our rat-race lives. I am a water child. I can live in it forever. My most proud escapade has been jumping in an 18 feet deep well at my friend's native:). I love getting to know the local culture of a place more than just being an onlooker. Lover of - Dogs. Cats. Arts. Crafts. Dancing. Mountains. Beaches. And my Companions who have been there along. I live in my own dream world. Occasionally I do come out of it, but frankly the view from it is astounding and so I can't be held out of it for longer.