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location iconMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Aditi being the amateur photographer believes that photography is a very important part of traveling. A single photograph captures a brief moment in time, whether it is a dramatic landscape, an unforgettable moment, or a gourmet meal. One of the best souvenirs is a memory card filled with these colorful images. Everybody in our family loves travelling. So far we have visited 30 different countries around the globe, and still counting. We love exploring new places and are firm believers that life is too short to visit the same place twice except few of our favourite places though! We believe that traveling challenges us on experiences like fear of heights, being alone, walking, personal hygiene, picky eating, sleeping in unfamiliar places etc. Seeing the world for ourself improves our vision and grip on reality. Our photos tell our story, fill our posts, and hopefully inspire you to visit far off places by continuing to be curious, delighted, and eager to take on the world. We encourage you to create your own memories and share them with your family and friends. If you like reading our journey, please follow us on all social platforms, and spread the word. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.
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