I am not a backpacker nor am I a frequent traveler. I spend 360 days in a year planning for a vacation and the remaining 5 days vacationing. I am staunchly against travel packages and I believe that you totally miss out on the fun part if you are not planning each and every detail of your trip all by yourself. I constantly dream of traveling the world, living next to sea, dancing with the waves and chasing the sun along the shores. I imagine sipping a hot coffee on a hilltop, clouds passing over my head and breeze brushing my face. I envy the Bohemians and I fancy the hippie lifestyle. My next biggest dream is EUROPE - backpacking/budget/luxury; be it anything, it just has to be Europe. Do the world first and India next is my Funda - who knows, you might not have the same amount of money and energy tomorrow, or who knows the prices of aviation fuel might just soar up. My favorite pastime is trying travel hacking and waiting for 'The Deal' and 'The Right Time'. So here I am, to talk about the trips I have taken actually and virtually and the trips I have been planning to take.
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