Photo of Anjaly


A degree in law did not stop me from going after my dreams that comprised solely of traveling around the world and writing about it. Ever since I remember, I have dreamed of traveling – backpacking to be precise, trekking and climbing – and generally being on the roads – before finally merging my passion with the business of writing. Of all the countries I have been to, of all the experiences I have had, for all the people I have met on the roads, for every little act of kindness I have been shown, for the not so pleasant incidents I have experienced as solo female traveler, I am thankful – for, had it not been for all of that, my travels would have felt exactly as home. I have authored four books so far – one of them being a book of poems for someone special at that time, but because that person walked out of my life right after, I channeled that time and energy into myself – my travels. I am also glad for the things that did not happen in my life, more than the ones that did, because now I know better. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am willing to accept everything that comes my way. I believe in myself and very strongly believe that my guardian angels are working overtime to keep me safe everywhere I go.