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location iconTirthan River, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India
Looking back at the formative years spent in Bishop Cotton School at Shimla , I can say with conviction that the travel bug bit me at a very young age. It probably percolated down to initiating and organising class bunks in the boarding school and wandering in the deep jungles surrounding our school! Later around my college days , I started independently handling foreign groups to Ladakh, Spiti and Kinnaur as a tour manager. The activities that one conducted was trekking, jeep safaris and other adventure oriented activities.By the time I finished college, I knew that I had to carve a career for myself in the tourism industry in general and adventure sports in particular. The rush of adrenaline, pushing yourself to the limits of endurance and the risks involved got me decided. This is what an Article says on my present "Ankit Sood is an Ecotourism Consultant and Practitioner and cofounder of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures , a pioneering ecotourism company specializing in promoting tours to National parks and wildlife sanctuaries especially the Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh. He has actively worked to create livelihoods for the rural community through ecotourism and create awareness towards environment. By learning through enriching experiences with the locals in Himalayas over the last twenty years , he hopes to pay back for the warmth he has received from them and have them ‘noticed’ by ardent travelers through responsible tourism".